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Falling Photos: Flickr Edition

Haven’t posted in ages. After a long break I like to share some more falling photos. Just can’t seem to get enough.


I believe I can fly, you know ??

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New MacBook Pro screen too shiny!

With the release of the new Macbook Pro, I am SOOO close to wanting one. But — and it’s a big but — Apple seems to have made a screen with exceptional color and contrast along with serious daytime usability issues. I’ve seen ‘em in the stores. The reviews are right. The thing is more reflective than my bathroom mirror.

Benek says it all quite well on his letter to Steve Jobs:

For the love of god and everything that’s good and holy in this world why the hell did you make all of the new MBP screens ultra-glossy!?

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More Falling Photos

I’ve previously posted about two photographers I love. Both Julia Fullerton-Batten and Denis Darzacq have a thing for capturing people falling or in a suspended state. I love their stuff so much I’m back with more from these two greats, as well as a few other “falling” photos I’ve stumbled across.

Li Wei

view the whole series at

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ShiftSpace: a new internet

ShiftSpace is a brilliant concept: an open-source layer built on top of the existing websites that lets you reorganize and recontextualize information with several handy editing tools. Immediately I think of what a time-saver this would have been for those countless university research papers, now that the internet has almost completely replaced the library as our primary reference source. With ShiftSpace you can reorganize the seemingly endless content on the net into a more manageable community web of information.
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Type is Art

Please go check out Type is Art : An Interactive Exploration of the Typographic Form. There you’ll find a great little Flash app that let’s you create any form you can think of out of type/font parts. It’s very easy to loose an hour or so as you explore what you can create with a few simple shapes.

Type is Art is am Interactive Flash driven exploration of the typographic form.

If you like what you create, you can save it. Or browse the gallery to see what others have created. Some of them are far more talented than me with letter parts!


Windy, sunny, Saturday, park-day

The seasons sure are a changin’ (well as much as they can in SoCal). Last night the cool air and winds hit. Today is more of the same. Leaves, sand, and dead palm branches are scattered everywhere.

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Recycled Tele-sheep!

I’m not sure where these images originated. (If any of you find a source, please let me know, and I will reference it.) What you are seeing is an installation at the The Museum of Communications in Frankfurt, a heard of sheep created from recycled telephone cords, headsets, and entire phone bodies!

Think the simulated wool is cool, look at the heads and feet!

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